Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Gas Hearths

propane fireplace north carolina When it comes to adding warmth and charm—without the mess or hassle of logs and embers— many people are embracing the ease and style of a gas fireplace. One thing that always surprises people is the realistic look and actual warmth of a gas fireplace!

These sets are no plastic logs over a lightbulb. In fact, most always ask, “how do you choose the logs you use in a gas fireplace?” The gas logs in a gas fireplace are made from cement, ceramic, or ceramic fiber blends that are carefully crafted and painted to look just like real wood logs. You can even specify a species of wood!

Gas logs are made to withstand high heat, and should last two to five years, depending on how much you use your gas fireplace. But the best part about a gas fireplace is that you don’t need a chimney.

The pros at PFM Propane can make it easy to add a gas fireplace to virtually any room in your North Carolina home. The main choice you need to make is between ventless and direct vent designs.

Ventless or Direct Vent: What’s Best?

Direct vent and vent-free technology are two great ways to add a gas fireplace even if you don’t have a chimney or flue. All that’s needed is access to propane gas.

A direct vent gas hearth can be installed almost anywhere. That means you can incorporate cozy charm into just about any room, including living rooms and family rooms, but also even kitchens and dining rooms! Create your dream master suite or a spa-like bathroom escape, just by adding a gas fireplace.

You can also convert traditional fireplaces to a maintenance-free propane hearth with a gas log insert.

The Size Matters

Aesthetically, you want your log set to be in proportion to your fireplace.

The size of the fireplace and the size of your burner will help you determine the size of your gas log set. You need to allow space for control valves, gas lines, and other elements so the width of your burner should not be the exact width of your fireplace. We can help make sure you choose the best size for your hearth.

Are There Other Benefits of Installing a Propane Fireplace?

Propane-fueled fireplaces add ambiance—but they also provide efficient supplemental heat without the mess, smoke, and ash of a wood-burning fireplace.

Also, a gas hearth is much safer. No more playing with matches and waiting for tricky kindling to catch—you can turn on and adjust the flame with a wall switch or even a remote control and turn it off when you are done. No waiting for embers to burn out or worrying that they will flare up again.

Warm Up Your Home with the Help of PFM Propane!

Nothing beats the cozy charm and ambiance of a fireplace. Let our team show you just how easy and affordable installing a gas fireplace or stove can be. We service and install everything we sell, and we stand by our work. Contact us for more information today.

Going Well Beyond Just Your Grill!

gas appliances north carolina Typically, most people think propane is just for grills and camping. But as electric rates go up and the cost of oil remains unpredictable, many homeowners are looking for a domestic fuel source with less volatile prices. Of course, you need electricity to run the lights and the tv. But, when you do a little research, you might also be surprised to learn that propane is a domestically sourced alternative fuel that can provide steady, reliable heat energy at an affordable price!

Propane also offers exceptional performance and efficiency in a wide range of home appliances at a much lower cost than electricity.

The Heating Power of Propane

Propane generates more Btus than an equivalent amount of electricity, and it delivers more than twice the Btus of natural gas, so you need much less propane to produce the same amount of heat or energy. That makes it great for all kinds of heating jobs!

Propane-fueled boilers and furnaces are great at providing whole-home heating. It’s cleaner burning than heating oil, so equipment lasts longer and requires less maintenance on average.

Propane Powers All Kinds of In-Home Appliances

Propane space heaters are easy to install and require no ductwork. We have a range of wall-mounted and free-standing models that deliver from 10,000 to 65,000 Btu’s to heat just about any sized space. These aren’t rickety portable space heaters. Many units are self-adjusting, with variable-speed blowers to eliminate cold spots for consistent, even heat! Temperature-sensing technology means they can control Btu output, burning only as much gas as needed to maintain your desired temperature and save you money.

For the space-heating capacity and charm of a fireplace without the mess or hassle of logs and embers—and without a chimney—many people are discovering the ease and style of a gas fireplace.

Realistic-looking logs are fitted with small pipes that release gas that work similarly to the burners on your stove. The gas logs in a gas fireplace are made from cement, ceramic or ceramic fiber blends that are carefully crafted and painted to look just like real wood logs. You can even specify a species of wood!

Propane is also extremely efficient at heating water. For example, propane water heaters generate much more hot water at a cheaper cost per gallon compared to electricity. In fact, according to the U.S. Department of Energy, homes that heat water with propane rather than electricity can see average annual savings of $174. Tankless propane waters can save even more—while delivering virtually unlimited hot water.

The same technology that makes propane ideal for water heaters makes it a smarter choice than electricity to power all kinds of appliances that use hot water or heat, including clothes washers and dryers, dishwashers, and pool and spa-tub heaters.

Cooking with Propane Gas

For some people, not having a gas range or cooktop in the kitchen is a dealbreaker. Chefs prefer cooking with gas hands down over electric. Nothing beats the precision temperature control and quick and consistent heating properties of gas.

It’s true for grills, too, although when it comes to barbecue, some folks are passionate about charcoal. But that’s not practical in the kitchen.

Outdoor Living Appliances, Too

Propane can enhance your outdoor living spaces—not just your grill. It can help create inviting and comfortable gathering spaces for friends and family, with firepits, patio heaters and outdoor lighting.

Converting your home to propane is a straightforward, easy process that will leave you with lower energy bills and support a cleaner environment. The average conversion takes about two days, with little disruption to your life or comfort.

Looking for a Propane Supplier Near You? Call PFM Propane Today!

The professionals at PFM Propane have the knowledge, experience, and resources to answer all your questions about the benefits of propane for your home. And we can get you started with the right size propane tank for your needs, reliable propane delivery, and much more. Contact us today for more information.

Our area is expected to experience increasingly cold temperatures over the holiday weekend. For more information, please visit:

We anticipate potential delays in completing propane deliveries our areas as we prioritize our emergency service requests. Additionally, our offices will be closed in observance of the Christmas Holiday on Monday, 12/26, as well as Monday, 1/2.

In case of emergency, please contact: 919-963-8515. Thank you—and have a very happy holiday!

Converting to Gas Is Easy…and the Logs Look Amazingly Realistic!

gas fireplaces north carolina Nothing’s better than a toasty log fire, on a chilly winter evening here in North Carolina with its ambiance and charm.

That said, no one envies the hassle and the mess post-fire of burnt logs and embers plus the worry about making sure the fire’s truly gone out before you go to bed. Want an easier solution? Our customers are always surprised to find out just how easy it is to convert an existing hearth to a gas fireplace!

But, they are often concerned about what kind of logs you use in an existing fireplace that’s been converted to gas. Rest assured, it’s not a molded plastic log over a lightbulb. In fact, there are all sorts of realistic looks and styles that are available. We’ll get you more familiar below:

What Are Gas Logs Made Of?

The gas logs in a gas fireplace are made from cement, ceramic, or ceramic fiber blends that are carefully crafted and painted to look just like real wood logs. They’re so detailed you can even specify a species of wood! Those realistic-looking logs are fitted with small pipes that release gas, a lot like the burners on your stove.

Gas logs are made to withstand high heat, and should last five to ten years, depending on how much you use your gas fireplace and how you keep up with routine maintenance.

Is It Complicated to Convert?

Thanks to direct vent and ventless technology, it’s easy to add a fireplace almost anywhere, even without a chimney—especially if you already use propane in your home. And converting your existing fireplace is easy, too. The simplest option, vented gas logs, will give you the same look as a wood fire, but because the damper stays open, most of the heat produced is lost. To keep the heating ability, you’ll want to choose a ventless or direct vent gas insert.

Ventless or Direct Vent: What’s Best?

The Benefits of a Propane Fireplace

Propane-fueled fireplaces add ambiance, but they also provide efficient supplemental heat without the mess, smoke, and ash of a wood-burning fireplace. And a gas hearth is much safer! No more playing with matches and waiting for tricky kindling to catch. You can turn on and adjust the flame with a wall switch or even a remote control. Then, simply turn it off when you are done. No waiting for embers to burn out or worrying that they will flare up again.

Warm Up Your Home This Season with Assistance from PFM Propane!

Nothing beats the cozy charm and ambiance of a fireplace. Let the team at PFM show you how easy and affordable converting to a gas fireplace can be. We service and install everything we sell, and we stand by our work. Contact us for more information today.

Get 24/7 Peace of Mind with Tank Monitoring!

propane app north carolina Customers have always appreciated the convenience of our automatic delivery service. After all, it helps cross picking up the phone and ordering propane right off your to-do list. That means—for most customers—you can stop worrying about runouts.

The thing is, automatic delivery doesn’t work for everyone, particularly customers who travel frequently, own or manage multiple properties, or have inconsistent usage patterns. So, when we began offering Odata wireless tank monitors, those same folks asked us, “Will a wireless propane tank monitor prevent a run-out?” And the answer is yes! It absolutely can.

What’s the difference between the two services, and what’s the right one for you? The main difference is how your propane use is tracked.

Understanding How Automatic Delivery Works

Automatic delivery service relies on consistent propane use. We use a proven algorithm based on your usage patterns and the weather conditions to determine when you will need your next propane delivery. Since our calculations are based on your average usage, it’s important for you to let us know of any changes that would result in a big shift in propane use. This means things like:

All these things can all change your propane usage. And if we know about those changes, we can recalculate and adjust your deliveries accordingly.

Of course, if you travel often or your usage patterns fluctuate a lot, keeping us in the loop is as much of a hassle as checking your tank levels. That’s when wireless tank monitoring is the service for you.

Understanding How Wireless Tank Monitoring Works

Wireless tank monitors track the level of propane in your tank in real time and transmit your usage via wireless cellular technology. When the tank gauge reaches a pre-set level, typically 30% full, the monitor alerts us—and you—directly via the wireless mobile app.

The app makes wireless tank monitoring great for people who are managing a rental property or an Airbnb, or multiple properties altogether. Propane use can fluctuate a great deal when different people, with different habits, are using a property over the course of a month. The app lets you know when deliveries are happening, and how often. No need to go and check the tank gauges of your different properties!

If you have a second home, a wireless tank monitor means you don’t have to worry about how much propane is in the tank or think about ordering a fill-up before you arrive.

In addition to timely alerts, the app gives you even more control and insight. You can use it to easily track and adjust your monthly energy consumption—which can help you save on energy costs.

Which Option Is Right for You?

If you have regular habits and your propane bills are consistent throughout the year, you are likely fine opting for automatic delivery service. Just remember to let us know if you’ll be away for an extended period or if you add new propane equipment!

But if you want total peace of mind and zero hassle or labor, a wireless tank monitor is a smart choice. The bottom line is that a propane run-out can be more than a nuisance…it can be a very expensive mistake. With tank monitoring, you can eliminate the chance of having one, while also saying goodbye to the hassles and headaches of managing your propane deliveries.

What’s in it for us? It makes things easier on our end too! We’re better able to plan deliveries, using the most efficient routes. That saves time and money, savings we can pass on to you.

A wireless tank monitor is easy to install, and we can have you ready to go in a matter of minutes! Contact us today to find out more about the benefits of wireless tank monitoring and how we can get you set up—100% hassle-free.

3 Smart Reasons to Make The Switch

propane delivery north carolina

There’s a lot to be said for doing things “the old-fashioned way.”

Baking cookies from scratch, a hand-written birthday card—those are worth putting in a little more time and effort. But technology is great for getting lots of little tasks done more efficiently. Ordering propane is one of them. PFM Propane’s convenient automatic propane delivery service can help you eliminate two tasks all at once from your to-do list. Once you enroll, you no longer need to watch your tank levels, and you don’t need to schedule a delivery.

The Benefits of Automatic Propane Delivery

So many of our customers appreciate this FREE service. If you haven’t enrolled, here are three great reasons to sign up:

  1. Peace of Mind: Running out of fuel is annoying and uncomfortable any time. If it happens in the middle of the night or during a cold snap, it can become a crisis. Automatic deliveries mean you don’t have to worry about running out propane, and you can rest easy knowing we won’t let you run out.
  2. Convenience: It’s not hard to go outside to check your tank gauge. But it’s an easy task to forget. The next thing you know, you’ve run out of propane. Automatic deliveries mean you don’t have to remember to check your tank level or schedule propane deliveries, because we’ll do it for you. You don’t even need to be home on delivery day. You also eliminate the need (and cost) of a pressure test if your propane tank goes empty.
  3. Better Service: When customers enroll in automatic delivery, it helps us schedule our delivery routes efficiently so we can serve more customers. It helps us keep costs down, too. And fewer emergency run-out calls free up our crews for more repairs and installations.

How Does Automatic Delivery Work?

It’s not a crystal ball. We use a proven industry method to calculate your fuel use! We work with an algorithm that is based on your past usage and average daily temperatures to make sure we can fill your tank on time.

Does your propane use fluctuate a lot? Ask about our wireless propane tank monitoring service that tracks usage in real time, and ensures automatic deliveries are timely no matter how much propane you use!

If you would rather monitor your tank levels yourself, it’s important to check your gauge at regular intervals so you don’t run too low. The best time to call for a fuel delivery is when your tank reaches a quarter full. That gives us time to schedule a delivery before you run out.

Of course, we still believe in old-fashioned customer service. That’s why our friendly and local customer service representatives are always happy to take your call and answer any questions. But with automatic delivery service, you don’t have to remember to call us to order propane.

Contact us today to sign up for worry-free automatic deliveries for this season…and all the seasons still to come.

Propane Adds Value, Improves Comfort, and Saves Money!

propane appliances north carolinaLots of customers start with propane for heat or hot water—but once they discover how versatile and energy efficient it is, they ask us about all the other ways to use propane. For starters, there are plenty of benefits: Propane equipment tends to be highly efficient, and propane costs are lower compared to electricity and oil.

Additionally, propane heating equipment lasts longer—as much as 5 to 10 years longer than an electric heat pump, providing a better return on your investment. For example, propane water heaters generate much more hot water at a cheaper cost per gallon. In fact, according to the U.S. Department of Energy, homes that heat water with propane rather than electricity can see average annual savings of $174.

All that efficiency makes propane a smarter choice than electricity for a wide variety of appliances.

Need a Propane Gas Line Hook Up for a New Appliance?

If you think adding more propane appliances is hard, think again! At PFM, we make it easy to add more propane appliances or replace old electric equipment with propane-fueled models. Installing tank lines to hook up additional appliances is not complicated, but it’s important to do it properly. The pros at PFM can ensure that everything is installed correctly and connected safely to your main tank. We’ll also assess your needs and let you know if a larger tank will serve you better.

If your propane storage tank is too small, you’ll need to order propane too often—or risk the cost and hassle of runouts. Getting a bigger tank means you’ll need fewer refills—and you may be able to avoid or lessen the sting from price spikes. But there’s no benefit to getting a bigger tank than you need. You’ll need space to bury it, and if it’s above-ground, a huge tank can be less attractive.

In either instance, give PFM a call and our team will find the perfect fit to match your needs—and your budget.

Want to Schedule an Installation? Give PFM Propane a Call Today!

PFM Propane is happy to answer all your questions and help you enjoy the efficiency and versatility of propane to make your home more comfortable. We can assist from start to finish, from tank installation to line installation, and dependable propane deliveries. You’ll get all this and more from a reliable, local business with roots in the community going back over 20 years.

Contact us for more information today.

We Provide Bulk Propane Services for NC Businesses!

bulk propane north carolinaIf your North Carolina business needs propane in bulk volume, then PFM Propane can help you take care of business! No matter if your operations are big or small, we have the perfect solutions—at fair, transparent prices—to help you succeed. After all, we understand the needs of businesses here in Chatham County through and through, and we’ve made it our business to help them thrive for the past twenty years.

From Siler City to Troy, we serve a wide variety of commercial customers. These include restaurants and hotels to trucking and construction companies–as well as hotels, condominiums, and farms. Whatever business you’re in, we can provide all the bulk propane you need.

What Businesses Use Propane?

Interested in learning how propane can help fuel your business and benefit your bottom line? Here’s a few instances below:

Ready to Get Started? Give PFM Propane a Call Today!

Our in-house team of propane professionals will evaluate your business’s needs for propane and give you a FREE quote tailored to your needs. With PFM as your preferred partner, you’ll get the fuel you need, when you need it, every time!

Businesses across central North Carolina rely on the experts at PFM for propane to keep their operations moving. Let us put that experience to work for you! Contact us today to learn about how we can help your local business.

PFM Propane Has Ways to Help You Save!

propane service north carolinaWe’ve been serving Chatham County, NC, and surrounding areas for over 20 years. We’ve seen good times and hard times, but our commitment to service means that we are always looking for ways to make things easier. Supply chain issues and geopolitical conflict have resulted in higher prices across the board this year—not just for the propane to fuel your home, but also at the gas pump and at the grocery store, too.

While we can’t control prices at large, our longtime customers know we always look for ways to help keep costs manageable. We know every budget is different, and that’s we offer several ways you can keep propane costs manageable.

Our Monthly Budget Plan

Even when propane prices are low, this plan always popular! That’s because our Monthly Budget Plan is a smart way to manage costs and avoid unexpected high invoices, no matter how cold it gets or how much fuel you use.

We use an average based on your past propane use to spread your costs evenly throughout the year. With this plan, you could see winter bills nearly 50% lower. And because you are paying the same amount each month, it’s easy for you to budget your expenses. In May, we’ll adjust your payment to reflect additional usage—or apply a credit to your account if you used less fuel or prices were lower.

The point of the plan is to keep your fuel costs level and manageable, so even if we have a particularly harsh winter or prices spike, you’ll avoid big fluctuations and surprise high bills.

Our Capped Price Program

At the beginning of the season, we’ll set an agreed-upon cap (or “ceiling”) price per gallon for your propane fuel. Your propane cost won’t ever go above that price. But if market prices fall, so will your price! This program also includes our FREE automatic delivery service!

Ready to enroll? Click here to get started.

No matter what happens with prices next winter, our price protection plans are designed to help you keep costs manageable and predictable. And make sure to try our Autopay option, too! It will save you the cost of a stamp, and it will also make paying your bill easy and automatic each month—no added work, and no hassle.

If you’d like to sign up for the Monthly Budget Plan or Capped Price Program, now is the time to enroll. Contact us today to learn about all the ways we can help you save!

Get Peace of Mind in the Face of Extreme North Carolina Weather

generators north carolinaA bad thunderstorm can down lines and knock out electricity, and more frequent extreme and unpredictable weather. Coastal storms, tornadoes, and unexpected cold and ice storms can leave you without power for days. With the National Hurricane Center predicting yet another above-average hurricane season, it’s important to be prepared, even if we’re not right on the coast.

A backup propane generator comes on within seconds of a power failure to keep your lights on and your refrigerator, furnace and a/c running until the utilities get the lines back up. What’s more, a propane generator will keep security systems on as well, providing you peace of mind, especially if the power fails while you’re away.

Why Have a Propane Generator Installed?

Propane generators are quiet, extremely efficient, and clean-burning, with low emissions, and they are traditionally less expensive to run than gasoline-powered options.

There are a wide variety of size options, from “essential power” models that will power key equipment such as your refrigerator, heat, and lights, to true whole-house generators that can manage the demands of most extra-large homes…even during extended outages.

You should work with a pro to determine the best size for your home and needs—but you can use these guidelines to start:

Of course, there are other factors to discuss as you make your choice:

We Can Help Run Lines to Existing or New Tanks

If you think you need a new propane storage tank to meet the needs of a whole house generator, the experts at PFM Propane can help you replace your old tank—and make sure your generator is connected safely and properly.

Please note that we do sell and install tanks, but not generators themselves. Additionally, we can also provide reliable automatic delivery service as well as wireless tank monitoring. We take the forecast into consideration when we plan deliveries—and we try to deliver early to ensure folks have propane ahead of storms.

If you have questions about how a whole-house generator can provide peace of mind year-round, or if you’d like to talk to us about your tank size or connecting a new generator to your existing tank, contact us any time. We’re here to help.