Enjoy the Charm of a Gas Fireplace!

Written on: March 28, 2022

Energy Efficient, On-Demand Heat from Monessen

gas fireplace installation north carolinaIf you have a wood-burning fireplace but never use it because of the mess and bother, maybe you should consider converting to a gas log fireplace this season. Why? Well, to start, it can’t be much easier.

These inserts feature a stack of realistic-looking ceramic logs that sit right inside your existing fireplace. Propane-fueled fireplaces add ambiance and efficient supplemental heat without the mess, smoke, and ash of a wood-burning fireplace. And a gas log or gas fireplace is much safer, too. No more fiddling with matches and waiting for tricky kindling to catch—you can turn on and adjust the flame with a wall switch or even a remote control. When you’re done, simply turn it off instead of waiting for embers to burn out.

Easy Installation, Endless Warmth!

Converting an existing hearth to a maintenance-free propane hearth with a gas insert is easy with the help of the pros at PFM Propane. But a vent-free set is easy to install, too, and since no chimney is required, you can incorporate the charm and warmth into virtually any room, including living rooms and family rooms, but also kitchens and dining rooms.

You can create your dream master suite or a spa-like bathroom escape, just by adding a gas fireplace.

We have a great selection of styles to complement any decor, from traditional to rustic to sleek and contemporary, as well as a wide selection of realistic propane logs from Monessen and many other trusted brands.

Should I Choose Propane Gas Logs or an Insert?

Not sure what you need? The main consideration is deciding how much heat you want. Gas logs give off some warmth, they do not generate as much heat as a built-in gas fireplace or gas insert. Most of the heat that is generated from a gas log set goes right up your chimney—just like a wood-burning fireplace. If you’re looking for supplemental, consider a gas insert or a built-in gas fireplace.

What’s better? Gas logs are also less expensive than a gas insert or built-in gas fireplace—AND we can help you get any applicable rebates that may be available!

Are you ready to enjoy the ease and benefits of a propane fireplace or log set? The pros at PFM Propane can answer all your questions, as well as the installation right to your existing gas lines. Contact us today to learn more.