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Propane Standby Generator Piping & Installation

Pico Propane can help you weather any North Carolina storm with a propane powered backup generator!

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Here in central North Carolina, a lot of things can cause the power to go out. They can be weather-related: hurricanes, run-of-the-mill thunderstorms, lightning, wind, or winter snow and ice storms. Sometimes it’s a car accident taking down power lines, or a problem with your local electrical grid.

Whatever it is that may cause you and your family to be stuck in the dark, you don’t have to stay there long when you have a propane whole-house backup generator hooked up by the professionals at Pico Propane! When the power goes out, your generator turns on in seconds.

Our experienced professionals will set and connect the lines to your propane backup generator from your propane tank. Please note, however, that we do not sell the generator units themselves.

What are the benefits of a propane generator for my home?

Portable generators are fine for some things, but a propane whole-house generator does much more, with better safety and efficiency! You can keep more appliances, electronics and equipment in your home powered so that you and your family can stay safe, secure and comfortable.

Here are five reasons a propane whole-house backup generator is the right way to go for your home:

  1. Protect your family. A propane whole-house generator keeps critical medical equipment, like home dialysis machines and electric wheelchairs, powered. Your home security system will also stay on.
  2. Protect your property. Sump pumps don’t run in a power outage. That puts you at risk for a flooded basement, thousands of dollars in damage, and the loss of cherished items stored down there—like holiday decorations and family mementos. With a propane whole-house generator, the sump pump doesn’t stop, and your basement stays dry.
  3. Protect your comfort. A propane whole-house backup generator keeps your air conditioning running if you lose power in the summer.
  4. Protect your food. You might have hundreds of dollars’ worth of food in your refrigerator and freezer, especially if you have a stand-alone freezer as well. Food in a refrigerator can begin to spoil in as little as four hours. A propane whole-house generator will keep your food safe to eat.
  5. Protect connections. A propane backup generator powers the electronics you need to contact local officials in the event of an emergency, to work remotely, to stay connected with loved ones, and to let the kids have access to school and games.
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