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Propane Tank Owning vs. Leasing: Pros and Cons

Written on: August 30, 2021

owning a propane tank north carolinaOne of the most important decisions you will have to make as a new propane customer is whether to lease or buy your propane tank outright. The answer to that question depends on several factors that you will have to weigh before making your decision.

Let’s take a look at both the benefits—and drawbacks—of owning and leasing your propane tank.

Owning a Propane Storage Tank

When you own your own propane tank:


Leasing a Propane Storage Tank

When you lease a propane tank:


As you can see, although there are some advantages to buying your own tank, leasing offers distinct advantages in terms of maintenance costs and safe, hassle-free operation. For this reason, most propane customers choose to lease their tank.

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