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Propane’s Uses & Benefits in the Commercial World

Written on: June 28, 2021

How Can Propane Improve Your Local Business?

commercial propane supplier north carolinaHave you always thought that propane gas is just a fuel for your home, barbecue, or RV? Think again! Propane has some great applications for commercial use, including:

In fact, you can use propane to up your equipment performance and efficiency just about anywhere you can use electricity, gas or oil, including health care facilities, restaurants, hotels, golf courses, warehouses and more!

Five Key Commercial Propane Benefits

Why choose commercial propane over gas and oil for your local North Carolina business? Here are five big reasons:

Clean, green propane. It’s the do-anything fuel for your North Carolina business! Contact Pico Propane today to learn more about how we can support your commercial propane services and commercial propane deliveries in central North Carolina!