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Residential Propane Services

Propane Service in Chatham County, NC and Surrounding Areas

residential propane

Need propane—or propane system services? Trust PFM Propane with all of your residential propane needs.

Propane is Perfect Fuel for Residential Homes!

Versatile and energy-efficient, propane can make life safer, easier and as stress free as can be.

When you use propane to heat your home, everyone will enjoy an even heating experience. And the efficiency is amazing—current propane heating systems are up to 98.5 percent efficient!

In the kitchen, you’ll see a real difference with propane, which offers immediate, precise temperature control and heating that an electric stove simply cannot achieve.

From a cost standpoint, propane stands out above electric. Propane water heaters require less energy than their electric counterparts, resulting in lower operating costs. And if you’re looking for a virtually endless supply of hot water—a propane tankless water heater is the way to go. That’s right: with a propane tankless water heater, your days of waiting in between showers will be a thing of the past!

Let our courteous, professional team help you decide on the right equipment for your budget and your home.

Propane Tank Installations and Deliveries

As we serve the Chatham County, North Carolina region, we always have our eye on how to deliver what you need, when you need it, and in the safest way possible. If you’re in the market for new propane delivery options or want to learn about propane tank installation you can trust, or if you just have a question you’d like to ask us, we’re ready with both the highest level of customer service and products that are truly top-notch.

Pricing and Payment Options

PFM Propane has several pricing and payment options, each designed to give you a customized experience that works for you. Our offerings include:

Want to learn more? Contact PFM Propane today We’ll be happy to help you get started!