Can Propane Spoil Or “Go Bad”?

Written on: December 21, 2020

how long propane lasts north carolinaIf you’ve owned a home that used No. 2 heating oil or kerosene for heat, you probably know—perhaps even from painful personal experience—that over time, those fuels will degrade, making them unusable and perhaps even unsafe if they’ve been stored for too long. Typically, heating oil has a shelf life of no more than 18 months, assuming it is stored properly in an air-tight tank; if not, that number can shrink dramatically. Kerosene is even more volatile, with a shelf life of six to eight months or less.

The question is, does the same thing happen to propane gas that’s stored for long periods?

The answer—and the good news if you heat your North Carolina home with propane—is that propane does not, and in fact cannot, degrade.

Once it is stored in a tightly sealed tank, propane gas cannot react chemically or physically with anything else; the only issue you will ever have with propane is making sure the vessel in which you have stored the propane remains in good condition (this is the reason why propane cylinders need to be recertified periodically; it’s also why your household propane tank needs to be maintained regularly by a professional.) A propane shelf life of 20 years or more is possible—as long as you maintain your propane tank properly!

Propane Is The Ideal Fuel For Emergency Situations

Indefinite shelf life makes propane gas the perfect fuel for whole house backup generators, and for use during and in the aftermath of severe weather emergencies and other unforeseen circumstances. Versatile enough to use for cooking, heating, water heating, and even as a fuel for vehicles, propane is the perfect partner in a pinch!

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